Thursday, June 13, 2013

an unintentially moody update on the last 2 weeks

addicted to coffee (decaf, flavoured, lattes etc.)

I think a little recap is in order, since I didn't post here in oh, about 3 weeks. The truth is I've been trying to keep myself motivated in other arguably more important areas of my life - like work, a course I'm taking one evening a week and taking care of the dog. Which some nights consists of me half-passed out reading in bed with her sulking next to me. I can't lie. I've been a little run-down lately.

I'm not trying to turn this post to turn into a bummer, so I'll feed you some happiness (or at least something lighter). After all, I am wearing the schlumpiest of the schlumpy sweatpants. And that shit makes me happy.

The most UNimportant update is I cut my bangs.

I didn't plan it at all really. Just trimmed them normally, didn't like them, wanted a change and impulsively snipped them a week or so later. Last time I had them like this was a couple years ago, but they only stayed for a couple of months. They took some time to style back then and I really appreciate having low maintenance hair. They've been a bit easier to maintain this time, so I'm hoping to keep them for a while. We'll see...

I would also like to keep the sun a bit longer. The pic on the left was taken on Monday and the right side on Thursday. From sandals and my new (and favorite!) maxi dress to covering up in lounge pants and funny slippers that remind me of Minnie Mouse. Must be the bows!

It's still coat weather here. This was me last night. I was reading a blog about a vegan restaurant and I just couldn't stop thinking about my favorite vegan soups from Human-T cafe. So I made the long trek to the cafe with D in the mist to pick up a nice big cup of this.

Broccoli soup with sweet potato and crostini. I drank the whole cup. Yes, drank. I was expecting it to be a bit thicker, but it the taste was so delicious I didn't mind at all. The perfect comfort soup. And best of all - dairy free!

If anyone is actually still reading this -- I'm thankful but surprised.

Tonight I watched Jesse & Celeste Forever. It was completely adorable, weird at times and tear-inducing. Andy Samberg was impressive and Rashida Jones was magic. You should watch it - it's on Netflix. Unless you just broke up with someone, in which case, you should probably wait six months or so. I'm telling warning you, it's emotional.

Afterwards, I forced myself to just paint and this is what came out. Ugh, feelings.


TGIF. Tomorrow.

Anyone have plans for the weekend?

xx Janelle