Thursday, November 15, 2012

he[art]ed : collage artist, Patrick Bremer

Two new series in one week. I'm on a roll, guys! This one is called he[art]ed, named for my love of hearts & art. Can we agree to laugh about ignore the fact that it rhymes with farted? Every so often I'll share an artist or designer I admire and then you'll show them some comment/FB/link love if you like their work. I'll try to include a good mix of local and international artists who use a range of media.

FYI - I'm not an art critic and probably will repeat the same adjectives in every post, but I really just love art, find it inspiring & want to share it with you. Simple enough, right?

First up is Patrick Bremer, a collage artist. When I first noticed collage art via Pinterest I was surprised to find that there are many artists who do a wide variety of paper collage/mosaics. Some backstory: about a year and a half ago I started an art project that consisted of me pasting tiny pieces of recycled magazine paper to a large board of masonite in a pattern. Now, I'm wasn't/am not delusional enough to believe that I was the only person to ever think of doing such a thing, but I had no idea that a community of paper collage artists existed. I thought people just decoupaged boxes and bottles and stuff....

But, I was wrong. Oh so wrong. Patrick Bremer is a British artist who draws, paints and creates collages - mostly portraits. My favorite thing about his pieces are that they have such varied textures and colours. I love to scan his collages to find little moments hidden within - words, faces, signs. Here are my 3 favorite works of his:

Artwork Copyright of Patrick Bremer

Artwork Copyright of Patrick Bremer

Artwork Copyright of Patrick Bremer

The Castle is my favorite of the three. I'm amazed that he can capture the emotion on her face using only the paper. His eye is highly trained for detail.

What do you think of Patrick's work? Which piece pulls you in? If you want to see more of his work please pop over to his website or his facebook page. If you want to spread the art love, share this post, like his page or pin your favorite work (remember to credit the artist & link to his website).

As always, thank you for checking out my blog. I appreciate your visits!


  1. Those are incredible pieces! I love how it all works together in a whole but each little section of the piece is just so full of texture and colour. I would definitely put at least the first two pieces on my walls!

    We have a lot of photography on our walls, but very few art pieces of a different variety. Some day, I would love to display things like this!

  2. I love the first one. It is amazing how everything comes together so beautifully.


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