Monday, October 7, 2013

5 years later

I never understood how people could last in a long term relationship. To me, it seemed like an eternity. The thought of being in a serious, long-term relationship with someone seemed at once boring and stifling. I was too independent for that. I'm a Sagittarius, for god's sake. 

I was good at being alone. I had it handled. I self-regulated my emotions, cooked decent meals for myself and had enough going on in my social life to feel busy. That's what being an adult is, right?

And now, five years later - here we are.

At the end of the summer before 3rd year, my friend N and I made a trip to the liquor store a few days before school started. Us and every other university student in the tiny town of Sackville. I spotted that guy from my Spanish class. I accidentally let it slip to N that I thought that guy was cute.

Later that night, we headed out to catch up with everyone after a long summer away. Mostly everyone went to the campus pub, since it was one of the three bars worth visiting. Guess who was also there?

This guy.

A little tanned-up from working outside...

And so, N made sure that we "met" that night, even though we already knew each other. It was a very obvious and slightly awkward set-up.

And somehow, it worked.

I realized today that since our anniversary is in October, Halloween photos serve as pretty good benchmarks of each year. Except 2009. We were clearly too busy stuffing our faces with candy or assembling our costumes. 

Five Halloweens later - here we are.

Happy anniversary to the sweetest man. The only one capable of converting a commitment-phobe.

I'm ending it here before you barf from all the sappiness.

Can you guess all our costumes? Some are pretty obvious and others not so much.

xx Janelle


  1. This is such a happy and lovely thing and I'm so thrilled for both of you :) Happy Anniversary my dear, love and miss you a tonne :)

    1. Thank you! I miss you too. I'm dreaming of our hypothetical vacation :)

  2. Congrats to both of you!! I miss both of you!
    I can't remember what you were in 2008 but D was fresh prince right?
    I also love how in the picture of D there is also a cat, which really just makes me picture him at the pub with a cat.
    Miss you both so much!!

  3. This is so sweet! I was a total commitmentphobe too..... congratulations!

  4. I hear you are house hunting too! That is so exciting. Five years already? UNBELIEVABLE! Congrats!

  5. Good job! That's a lot of years together. It's funny how, with the right person, it doesn't feel like punishment to be there for the long haul. (PS. I love the Black Swan costume)


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