Monday, November 4, 2013

little lessons : build in rest & buy yourself a sweater

Happy Monday to you all! We survived.

Last week was a little bit of a blur for me. Every night I had somewhere to be or something to do - mind you, it was all fun stuff. When the dust settled this weekend, I had a bit of time to reflect.

Here are a few mini-lessons I've learned:

- If you see a sweater you love at Target and there's only one left in your size, buy it. It won't be there next week.

- No matter how long you've been saving, you will feel a pang of anxiety when you make a big purchase. Wait it out, you will get excited...

-  If you plan to go somewhere on Friday, built in rest time during the week. Otherwise, you will crash. You are not superwoman. It's okay to be tired and call a time out. This is a lesson I will learn and re-learn.

- Peppermint tea will make your belly feel better 75% of the time. Drink lots of it!

- A short workout is better than no workout. Even if you can't remember the last time you did any physical activity other than walking your dog.

post-workout & smiling.

How was your weekend? Any lessons learned?

xx Janelle


  1. Love those! Totally agree with 1 and 2. I can never make a big buying decision without feeling some anxiety!

  2. Life is full of mini-lessons! Love yours!! Have a wonderful week.

  3. Great lessons and now I have to get me some peppermint tea...

  4. Ha Ha. Definitely need to build in rest time, need to think about that especially for the upcoming holiday season. Cheers!

  5. Love these lessons - especially the one about working out. Okay, time to get off the computer!

  6. Great post! I think we could all get something out of these lessons!!

  7. I so identify with the big purchase anxiety, i still never really feel grown up enough to make purchases with confidence.

  8. I love the photos of your puppy, I love people who love their pets, as you do!

  9. That header! So adorable.

  10. I made the same mistake at Target before Christmas and I am still mourning the loss.


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