Saturday, February 25, 2012

lunch quickie: bacon avocado fresh spring rolls

My workday lunches can get pretty boring. They're usually delicious, but ordinary. I think I once ate tuna, crackers and raw vegetables every day for a week. And there's always the fallback sandwich or wrap.

Since I'm lucky enough to get to come home for lunch for a full hour, I usually just make something when I arrive as opposed to having something prepared. It has to be something easy & relatively fast so that I can join D on the couch for the Price is Right on TV. Yes, we sometimes act like we're in our seventies. Watching PIR, playing scrabble, doing other old people things...

Last week I had an avocado that needed to be eaten up so I thought up with these delicious Bacon Avocado Fresh Spring Rolls. They don't take too long to make, about 10-15 minutes for 4 and are a great alternative to a sandwich.

You will need:

rice paper wraps - tomato - bell pepper - avocado - real bacon bits - deli shaved ham - ranch dressing or honey mustard

You will need to:

Cut the tomato, avocado & bell pepper into slices.

Fill a bowl with 1" deep hot tap water. Carefully place one rice paper wrap in the hot water. Let soak for about 20 sec and then flip and soak for another 20 sec. Keep soaking and flipping until the wrap is soft enough that you could fold it in half.

Shake off excess water and lay it flat on a plate. Top with 1/2 or full slice of ham, tomato, pepper and avocado. Sprinkle with bacon bits and add one thin line of sauce.

i ran out of avocado on the 2nd day. please use your imagination!
Start rolling the spring roll at one end, tucking the sides in as you go. Then place the spring roll seam side down on another plate and repeat for the rest of the rolls.

If you need help wrapping/rolling, check out this video from Expert Village.

Yum. These are fresh, healthy and surprisingly filling. They taste great with the honey mustard or the ranch, depending on what flavour you're feeling. Don't omit the avocado, like I did here, they're much better with the avocado's cool, refreshing taste.

Now I'm dreaming of summer so I can eat these on the patio with a lemonade in hand. Soon enough...


  1. These look delish!
    You left me a comment asking for advice on tattoos. Ok, first off, I ahve gotten all 6 of mine in the last 2 years because I was scared of the pain. Keep it small and in a fatty place. LOL All my tatts are small and have taken under 45 mins. That's about as long as I can take it for. I am a very thin little lady, but places that have more meat and are not near a bone are less painful. Also, areas that see sunlight more often are less painful. Example: Back of my elbow...extremely painful, front of my elbow, not so bad. :) It's not as bad as you think it is. The first time the do the stencil is just a kinda annoying feeling. The more timesthey have to go over for shading, to color in or to just go over i, the more it hurts.
    You'll be fine, keep me posted! :)

  2. Looks yummy! and I LOVE scrabble too! haha

  3. Messy, thanks for the info. I'll definitely let you know what happens. We watched 3 hours of the tv show Ink Masters yesterday so I'm feeling inspired.

    Julie, we should play the next time I visit!


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