Thursday, February 9, 2012

valentine's confession.

Fact you may not know about me: I am obsessed with hearts.

Show me almost anything with hearts on it or heart-shaped and I will probably squeal. Is it attractive? No, but that's me. Haha. And although I think Valentine's day has been twisted into a commercial holiday, I love that there's a day dedicated to love. Love of all kinds. Friend love. Puppy love. Romantic love. Just love. Despite my cynicism about marriage (ask me about that another time), I am such a cheesy, hopeless romantic. So in honor of Valentine's day coming up, I figured I'd share some pretty heart things that I love. Yes, love.

My (almost) favorite t-shirt (H&M).

My hanging paper heart art.

This gorgeous chair.
 A handmade ring I bought last summer. It never leaves my hand.

This style of heart necklace.

These glasses from ClearlyContacts. I'm pretty sure I'm buying these, even if I only wear them around the house. Maybe not in this color, but they have tons to choose from. I mean, come on, they have hearts on the sides, how can I resist? Seriously.

What do you think? Do you love Valentine's Day or hate it? Stay home watching chick flicks and pig out on chocolate?

I personally love all of the heart shaped things on sale a few days later. I've always said that's my favorite part of the "holiday"... Haha. We don't really do anything extravagant, just give each other a card & go out for dinner....

xx Janelle


  1. Love the glasses!!
    I'm getting really excited about all the pink and ready heart shaped things too!!!

  2. I'm not big on valentines day, but might make a heart shaped cake and give E a card this year. Usually we just skip it all together, so we'll see. :) I do love the post-holiday sales for any holiday though.



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