Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunshine, Moving & Dog Training: Summer 2012 Recap

After being away from the blog for longer than expected, I am finally back! Thanks for (re)visiting Two Cups Of Happy. Now I know most bloggers are crushing on fall right now and posting about pumpkin spiced lattes & apple picking, but I didn't blog all summer. I think we have some catching up to do.

We moved!

The dog, the boy & I are now living solo. We found a small two bedroom within our price range in the North End of Halifax and B was moving out of the city to do some more schooling so the timing was right. We miss B and it's been lonely at times, but we are happy with our choice to live alone. The perks are nice... I even have a craft table now. I feel so spoiled!

Moving to this place was quite an adventure though. We came in a few weeks in advance to do some painting in the bedrooms (landlord approved!) and noticed that the place was left in horrible condition, ie. filthy. After two weekends of cleaning, we finally moved in on August 18th.

We trained the dog!

We've been having some leash-pulling issues with Abby since she was adopted and her off-leash boundaries have been non-existent. We tried to manage on our own for a while, tried a harness, a Halti head-collar but nothing worked. Because we were getting frustrated and were not able to give her the energy drain she needs, we bit the bullet and hired a trainer. We used Ted from Unleashed Potential and saw a tremendous difference in her within the first couple of sessions. Overall, she has been doing really well but today she had a slip up which involved her sprinting at top speed across a football field to where there were 6 dogs romping around. It's a process...

We crashed weddings!
Okay, so we didn't really crash them, we were invited. We went on two roadtrips to New Brunswick in June for our friends' weddings. They were both lovely and we got to rent a car and getaway for a few days. So nice.

We enjoyed the sunshine!

In case your not all caught up on the weather in Halifax, the summer of 2011 was brutal. It rained nearly every day. This summer was the complete opposite. We had beautiful weather! Here I am on the US Coast Guard vessel at the Tall Ships Festival.

I definitely took advantage of the sunshine with long walks on the waterfront with friends, BBQ's, lunchbreaks in the Gardens, hikes at Point Pleasant Park and even some seaside dining in Lunenburg. Every summer I vow to spend more time outside, and this summer I feel like I kept that promise and then some.

This summer was pretty great. Lately though, I've been embracing our new season, so be on the lookout for a fall fun list coming your way sometime soon. Thanks again for stopping by my new and (hopefully!) improved blog. Hope you have a great day!


  1. The blog looks fabulous and so do you! Looking forward to seeing more posts :)

    1. Aw, thanks! Now that I've fixed (ie. paid for) my photo storage I'll be posting more. Let me know if you have anything specific you wanna see.


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