Friday, February 15, 2013

heart-shaped happiness to buy & DIY

Okay. I know you have likely had it up to here with all of the hearts, roses, pink, red, glitter, lovey dovey, Valentine crap that the world has been throwing at you since Christmas. I get it. I can understand your frustration. 

BUT today is the day when everything heart-shaped or heart-printed goes on sale. C'mon. The day after Valentine's day is my favorite non-holiday! This day needs to be celebrated. And don't even get me started on the discounted chocolate... Oh, the chocolate.

Last year I posted a little round up of heart things I owned and admired from afar. This year I've swapped out my heart things for things you can make. Nothing like some fresh lovey-dovey DIY ideas to get your blood pumping in the morning, right? I really wanted to type eh? right there but decided to pay homage to my American readers (hi!) with the second-best word to get people to validate your thoughts.

Right! So, after a bit of Googling, Pinteresting & blog-hopping, here are my picks for the best heart-adorned things to BUY & MAKE. 

1. big & bold | black & gold tote | AlphabetBags, $21.96
2. sassy-pants quote | silicone/glass water bottle | bkr, $32
3. i need to stop thinking about buying this | silk scarf | BRIKA, $98
    use the code MAKEITHAPPEN before Monday & get 20% off!
4. comfy | gray heartbeat tee | BurgerAndFriends, $24 
5. even our toothbrushes are in love | mint green toothbrush holder | urbanoutfitters, $12

6. someone have a baby, so i can buy you this | printed swaddle blanket | JuniperWilde, $42
7. irresistible | black & gold enameled ring | f21, $5.80

I think I might have to cave and buy the ring. It's small, cheap and I've been obsessed with black & gold lately. It's probably meant to be.

1. unique take on a heart tote | hand-stamped tote bag | V and Co
2. a rainbow of little hearts | mini geo gift boxes | MiniEco
3. great alternative to open heart back shirts | lace sweatshirt | PearMama
4. cuddle up | stamped throw blanket | A Beautiful Mess
5. i have one of these in brass | wire ring | ISpyDIY

I found some other sweet round-ups while I was preparing this post. Check out Down & Out Chic for material goodies (the red pillow & gold mug are my favorites!) and DesignSponge or WhimseyBox for crafty/DIY inspiration overload.

Happy shopping/crafting! If you made something heart-y this year and want to share, feel free to link up in the comments.

xx Janelle

FYI - I was not compensated for including any of these products in this post. These companies don't even know me or my blog. Free promotion!


  1. I love the heart toothbrush holder! I want one!!! Happy Feb 15th!! Enjoy all your discounted heart shopping today!

    1. Isn't it so cute! If shipping wasn't an arm & a leg to Canada, I would buy it for sure.

  2. oh i bought that bkr bottle in the solid betty color just last week! i can't wait to use it. great finds!

  3. I love those rainbow heart boxes. That looks like something I could make :)

  4. That little toothbrush holder is adorable!! xoxo, Eliza

  5. ha! That bottle is hilarious! And how cute is that little pup on your header. Steal my heart. :)

  6. Oh, I just love this... gotta celebrate the day after Valentine's! You know my parents actually met the day after Valentine's day. Now, I'm off to score some good deals on some lovey dovey heart stuff. lol!

    P.S. I'm so excited you are as crazy of a dog lady as myself!

  7. Never thought of that, but I think that will become my favorite non holiday day too!
    Loved your blog!

  8. You know I really like that towel with the hearts on it. It's cute. And while shopping is fun. It's a lot more fun to make the stuff.

  9. Such lovely findings! Happy February 15th! Haha:) Love your blog!

  10. I love these ideas:) Score!! Just dropping in from Live Laugh Rowe to meet you and follow you:) (via GFC)

    I would also love to invite you to join Let's Get Social Sunday and link up your blog and all your social sites at one great place to meet some lovely new friends and gain more followers!! (150 bloggers every week:)

    Hope to see you there and have a totally awesome day!!

  11. Oh man, I love, love, love that glass heart water bottle. Would I actually be inspired to drink water if it was in that bottle? First time visiting....and I'm in love with your header. Stickin' around.

    1. I want it so badly! Haha. Thanks for visiting. I'm off to check out your blog...

  12. Those heart gift boxes are too darn cute!

  13. I actually forced my husband to go with me to Target the day after valentines - there is just so much sale goodness to be had!

    Thanks for the cute roundup!

  14. Oh gosh, that heart shaped toothbrush holder is GENIUS!! Love!
    xo TJ


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