Friday, February 8, 2013

weekend plans : hibernate

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I was going to start off by saying I was preparing for the big storm on it's way, but stopped because that's not true. Unless you call making an ATM detour and buying almond milk "storm preparations". I guess I'm mentally preparing myself? In any case, we won't actually be hibernating all weekend. Tonight we might have dinner with a friend, tomorrow I have volunteering (details in this post) and Abby will still need to go out. We plan to bring her out to romp in the snow during the blizzard tomorrow. We may be crazy.

"You're brave for being out in this weather!" a lady called out to me last week from her front porch. It was -28C with the windchill. A dog has to use the bathroom... I mean.. grass/snow pile?  It's not really possible for me to just not bring Abby out because it's cold. That would be cruel. For all 3 of us.

I do plan on doing lots of snow day stuff tomorrow though, like cleaning up my enormous clothing pile in the bedroom, napping, making soup and cozying up while watching Netflix. Side note: I burst out laughing when on last week's Mindy Project made reference to couples watching Netflix in sweats because that is us most Friday nights. Guilty!

I also want to share some links I enjoyed this week. Maybe you'll like them too?

1. Jenni's post on "marital blish" | it's so comforting to read posts from people who share their feelings freely & honestly. this post will hit home to a lot of couples (married or otherwise, I'm sure!)

2. A Winter Survival Guide | I can't live without my lipbalm & my winter bandeau (headband) from H&M. What's on your must-have list for making winter more bearable?

3. This board & this one | I have such immense baby fever and this photos make it so. much. worse. My heart is literally bursting at the tenderness & love in these photos. Oh, but this shot made me laugh.

4. Struggles of a perfectionist creative | This post is so relateable. I'm working on just letting go & creating. The more i make stuff, the better it gets. I finished that collage I was telling you about & I can't wait to share it with you soon.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay warm & stay safe if you're expecting erratic weather.
xx Janelle


  1. Seriously, SO glad we aren't the only ones spending our nights watching Netflix! I am also grateful I live in a place where we don't get snow, I don't know how you guys do it, but go you! Your blog is darling!

    1. I even got my parents on board the Netflix train today! Thanks for visiting my blog.


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