Sunday, September 11, 2011

Steppin Out Saturday: Property Virgins

 Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. I know it's a sad day for many, many people...


Yesterday D, B, B's girlfriend C and I went to visit some million dollar homes. The local hospital puts on a charity lottery every year and the prizes are pretty amazing: trips, homes, iPods, luggage etc. C asked me about week ago if we wanted to check out 2 of the showhomes in Hammonds Plains. Being the HGTV-loving/nosy person that I am, of course I agreed!

The million dollar home had very nice finishes & fixtures and had lots of storage space. I loved the walk-in closets in every bedroom. Also, the master ensuite bathroom was very, very pretty. It had a modern free-standing tub, a glass shower with a rain showerhead and 2 separate vanities with sparkly wall sconces. The decorating in the rest of the house though, was not to my taste. There was little continuity of color or style and they had a lot of pale green with red.

The half-million dollar home was much more my style. It had a lot of interesting features. For one, the doors were all painted a deep gray color. I've never seen that before but it looked incredibly chic, especially with the white molding surrounding it and the pewter handles. The house also had a beautiful natural slate fireplace in the living area. D thought the decor was a bit too modern, but I think you could warm it up and add your own personal touches.

While walking back to the car we found an actual open house, so we decided to take a peek. Although I felt a bit out of place going to see an $835,000 house, it was so fun! The guy asked us if we were "in the market", bless his heart. The house was nice and open with an amazing eat-in kitchen with tons and tons of cupboard space. The floors were hardwood and very flat, lightly striped tile. Gorgeous! It had a finished basement with plenty of space for a rec room, games space, home theatre AND work-out area. It also had a partial lake views. Swoon!

Swoon is also the name of a little artsy, antique, vintage art gallery shop that we popped into on the way home. It was overpriced for my budget, but I really enjoyed looking. C & I found an entire room of salt and pepper shakers. Once we had explored the shop, we went for a quick lunch at Jack Astors. Later on, D & I went to see Contagion while B & C went to a Celtic Thunder concert. All in all, it was a fun Saturday. I think I may have found a new hobby.... exploring open houses.

And to link up with Mandy @ Harpers Happenings for Steppin Out Saturday, here's what I wore. Please ignore the squinty awkward faces. K? Thanks!

Can you spot my little model?

Sunglasses: Rickis
Earrings: Wal-Mart (They're hidden but they're turquoise drops)
Blazer: Ya Los Angeles, from Biscuit General Store (less than half-price!)
White, sequined tank: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Urban Planet

Thanks for reading. Come back on Tuesday for baked zucchini sticks, if you'd like!

Love & slobbery dog kisses,


  1. HGTV redid the apartment I live in now. Jealous? I'll let you know when it will be on tv

  2. no..... no no no! you're joking!

  3. I love checking out the "dream" homes too... and agree that sometimes the colour schemes are a tad odd... figure they have to change it up every year.... thus try to do something different...

    the only downfall is that they are in the boonies... if I ever won... i'd be selling and buying a nice condo down south somewhere..

    did you buy a ticket? I actually know 2 people who have won dream homes so I figure my odds aren't that good :o(

    love your bloggggggg, Barb

  4. Cute outfit & that sounds like a great day!

  5. I am not joking! Haha Apparently Mike Holmes was involved. I'm not sure of the details, but our landlord will let us know when its on and then I'll let you know too haha!

  6. Thanks for your compliments!

    Barb, I didn't buy a ticket yet... I might though. Hmm....

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