Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays: Black Bean Soup

Remember on Friday when I told you I made soup? Well I got the recipe for Black Bean Soup from Jen @ jenloveskev. Click for recipe. It turned out pretty good and it definitely hit the spot with some naan on a cool day. We brought some down to D's sister and she seemed to like it too! The recipe measurements are a little wonky (ml/oz etc.) but you really can't mess it up. I just used an online converter.

I made a few substitutions. I added one can of black beans and one large can of chickpeas instead of 3 small cans of black beans. I also added about a tsp more chili powder, a bit more cumin and a dash of garam masala. Yum.

Since I was too busy rushing to get everything in the pot, I only took a few pics. For the best pic of the soup, go to the jenloveskev link above! I know the one below doesn't look that appetizing... woops.

sunny yellow pot!


after adding spices
Try this soup if you want something different that's not too outlandish. You'll like it. I promise... :)

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  1. I love, love black bean anything!!! Thanks for posting. Following from tasty Tuesday.

  2. Perfect for fall! :D

  3. This looks perfect for fall! :) I'm a fan of black beans, but sweet potatoes absolutely always make my tummy happy.


  4. I love Jenloveskev! I actually made the number 1 diy pinata she posted for my daughter's birthday on Sunday!


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