Thursday, April 5, 2012

turquoise & caicos: late night manicure.

I had this semi-intellectual post planned for today about recent books I've read and ones I hope to read soon.

Instead, I'm sharing how painted my nails tonight. And yes, this warrants an entire post because I haven't had them painted since November (Gasp!). I used to do my nails in this style all of the time. It was my signature style in sophomore year of my undergrad: diagonal color stripe with silver sparkle bottoms.

Don't look too close or you'll see the smudges.

This type of manicure looks fancier but it's actually easier for me. My cuticles are a jaggedy (made up word?) hot mess all of the time, so by doing clear sparkles on the bottom and colour only on the tips I don't need to worry about smeared polish on my skin. This works for me!

To get a similar look, place scotch tape mid-nail on the diagonal. Paint two thin coats of colored polish & peel scotch tape off before 2nd coat dries. Carefully fill in the bottom half of nails with clear, silver or coloured sparkles, doing extra coats if needed. Follow with a glossy top coat for lots of shine and staying power.

I don't always paint my fingernails, although I normally keep my toes painted in the summer. On my fingernails, I tend to go either completely bare or something extravagant. How about you?

Pssst: I'll be away this weekend to visit a close friend in my former university-town, so don't expect any noise around here until Monday. Hope you all have a great long weekend and that you get to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. xoxo

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