Monday, August 15, 2011

Ladies Room Fashion Show!

Happy Monday! Today's style post was inspired by Melissa at Dear Baby. She did a slew of posts titled "Ladies Room Fashion Show" to show off her adorable outfits she wore to work when she was pregnant with her little ones. Now don't panic. I'm not pregnant in any way shape or form. But, since her posts inspired me to try some new looks I wouldn't have thought of, I figured I'd pass on the love to you.

Now because I'm one of 3 people in the office on a daily basis, I can get away with some casual pieces that may not be appropriate for other work environments. So I get to have a little fun and dress up or down. The one rule is no jeans. Other than that, it's all about being professional but wearing something that's comfortable enough to sit down in all day. Anyway, enough blabbing. Here's today's outfit:

Gray pencil skirt, Joe Fresh (it's knee-length & high-waisted)
Black tank top, Smart Set
Black blazer/sweater, Costa Blanca
Scarf, India (D got it for me on his trip!). You can't see the detail but it's got red, purple, black and tan threads.
Red purse, Northern Reflections (thanks Nanny!)

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Hope you have a relaxing night!

xo Janelle

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