Monday, August 22, 2011

Steppin Out Friday, I mean, Saturday!

Guys, I had a hot date this weekend. We went to Il Mercato, ate the most delicious food & talked about nothing and everything. After we left we went to pick up almond milk, ginger ale (for D) and the latest Real Simple magazine. I only thought to take photos after we got back and because I hate using flash, these photos are dark and fuzzy. Woops. I think my photographer did a good job with what he had.... Here's what I wore:

Dress: Thrifted, no label, probably hand-made ($10!!)
Belt: H&M ($17)
Sandals: Aldo ($20, including shipping)

Don't you love cheap outfits?


On Saturday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn to catch the bus to Sackville, NB (where I went to university) to see 3 of my closest girlfriends. We went on a random adventure to an old fort, went out for supper, spent an hour choosing a movie at the store and then didn't watch it. We met some special friends for brunch and then laid out on the deck and chatted. It was so nice to see these girls again. We talked about some things we shouldn't have, talked about some things we had to and then talked some more. That's what girls do, right? :) We reminisced about our time at MTA & felt pangs of nostalgia. We were staying on the other side of the duplex where I spent my last 2 years of university and it took everything I had not to knock on the door and go take a peek at my old room... Anyway, I think we all had a good time. There's something about the friends that you meet in university...

we're all wearing a bit of pink!
Miss you already!
xo Janelle

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