Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Recap: The one with rapstars, smittys and leopard print.

I hope you all had a fun weekend! I want to share some pictures from Saturday. It was a pretty exciting day because B (our roommate) had just returned on Friday after being away for the summer doing an internship. It was really great to see him again, even though he's leaving tomorrow for a week-long course. Abby went crazy when he walked in. Her tail was doing 360s! On Saturday morning we decided to go for brunch at our favorite place, Smittys, which is just across the street. Darryl & I both had skillets while Brandon guzzled some coffee and a more traditional breakfast with french toast, eggs, meat and a waffle.

D, lookin good.
Joan Rivers cheekbones, I tell ya!
Pay attention to me, B!
Roomies reunited!

After brunch I headed out to do some solo shopping at mic mac mall. I bought Abby a couple things and then bought a flowy white poncho style top from H&M and a leopard-print scarf. Meanwhile, B headed out to see his gf for the night. D & I made naan pizza for supper and then we decided we'd go out with some friends from MTA. But first, we decided to play a little DefJam Rapstar on the PS3. You probably have no idea what the game is, or at least I didn't before we bought it, but it's basically rockband but for rap/hip-hop music. Even though I only know ten out of the twenty songs it comes with, it's still a good time! They rate you on pitch, timing and lyrics. While I may think I know the lyrics to a song, trying to spit them out on time takes some practice. Haha.

Romancing me with some terrible, unromantic lyrics.

Once we peeled ourselves away from the game we walked over to a friends' place and then hit up Pacifico a little while later. All I can say is that some shuffling happened on the dancefloor, a la LMFAO.... if you know what I mean. If you don't, check out their video. This was my dancin outfit (for Steppin Out Saturday):

Scarf (worn as top): Dynamite, my new purchase!
Skirt: Costa Blanca
Bracelets: handmade in Honduras

I liked the outfit because it wasn't tight and I could really dance up a storm in it. I may do a tutorial showing how to wear a pashmina or scarf as a tube top, so let me know if you're interested!

Goodnight & sweet dreams,

xo Janelle

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