Friday, December 23, 2011

home for the holidays.

Tomorrow, I get to see my family.

Christmas 2009

And a bunch of my 'old' friends from high school are getting together too. Should be fun!
I'm heading up to where there is snow on the ground and lows of -20C. That's a 10 degree difference by driving 5 hours North. Ah, the joys of New Brunswick! I still have some packing to do but I believe that all of my gifts are good to go. Nevermind the fact that my suitcase is empty. I've still got time tomorrow anyhow...

I'm so thankful that I get to spend a whole 6 nights at home whereas last year I only was able to spend 3. Double the family time. How lucky am I? I've really been looking forward to the holidays. Christmas time is very special for us because it's the one time a year when nearly everyone on my Dad's side gets together for some fun traditions and (of course) family suppers.  
I think that I'm a little too excited/sleepy to write a proper post so I should end it here. I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I look forward to sharing some of our traditions with you after the weekend. I promise some juicy food photos, cat photos & a gratuitous Christmas Eve outfit post. Wishing you lots of delicious meals, family time, laughs and cuddles with your pets.

Love & hugs,


  1. Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy every moment, soaking up your family and loved ones.


  2. Thank you Sara! I wish the same to you. Lots of human & dog love :)


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