Friday, December 16, 2011

simple soy candles (tutorial)

A little over a month ago I made these little soy candles and only now am I finally getting around to writing about it. I had to wait until I gifted them and tested them out to make sure they were worth sharing and thankfully, they are! 

I haven't really had time or resources to make them look pretty, but I kind of like how they're unfussy & pure white. Sometimes simple is best. Plus, the scents are delicious! I made apple pie, vanilla sky & unscented. Since some people have asked how I made them, I figured I'd share the details here. There are definitely a ton of ways to make these, but this method worked for me. I used this tutorial as my main guide.

[Simple Soy Candles]

Buy or find:
- Soy wax flakes (I used Yaley brand)
- Medium soy wicking
- Medium wax clips
- Mason jars
- Candle fragrance (optional)

- Candy thermometer
- Large micro-waveable measuring cup/glass jar
- Glue gun/sticks or wick tack
- Baking sheets
- Chopsticks or clothespins
- Pliers

Do this:

Preheat oven to lowest setting. Pour some wax chips into your glass measuring cup & microwave on high for 4 minutes. If flakes remain, keep melting and stirring with a chopstick until it is all melted down like this.

The temperature of my wax needed to get to 180F so keep on microwaving and retaking the temperature! Follow the instructions on your box & don't forget to remove the thermometer before microwaving! Once the wax reaches 180 you'll need to let it cool to about 120-130F. While it's cooling, prepare your jars.

 Put them on a baking sheet (without their covers) and heat them for 5 mins or so. While they are heating up, take a piece of wicking and measure it so it hangs about 2 inches above your jar and cut. Stick one end into your wick clip, leaving the long end out where the clip sticks up and pinch with your pliers. I know that's mega-confusing, so just look.

Hot glue the bottom of your wick clip to the middle of the inside of your heated jars and arrange them on the baking tray like these ones. Use chopsticks on the tops to keep the wicks standing straight.

Work quickly. If your jars cool down too much you should reheat them. It's okay to put the wick in the oven!

If you're adding fragrance, now is the time. I put in at least 30 drops for 500ml of wax flakes. Add fragrance & stir it up gently. Now slowwwwly pour your wax (cooled to 120-130F) into the jars. Pour a little bit over the wick to help it stand up. 

Let the candles cool for a few hours and DO NOT move the baking sheet. If you do move it the wax will separate from the jar or you may get an uneven top.

Once they've cooled, trim your wicks and you're all done!

Avoid using your new candles for 24-48 hours. They'll last longer if the wax has had a chance to fully set and harden.

Photo credi : Val (one of the gift-recipients and my bestie)

When you finally do get to light them, they'll make you want to cuddle up and watch a movie. They're that cozy. And although soy wax doesn't hold smell as well as paraffin wax, they have a nice soft scent that's not overpowering.

I hope you like them... If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments. 

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  1. These are my wedding favors! I`m making them in tins though. Love it!

  2. Great idea. I bet they'll look adorable. It only took me about 1.5-2 hours to make 12 but if I would have melted more wax I could have done 24 in the same amount of time I think... I hope someone's helping you!

  3. Yay!!! She gave me one of these and they were awesome for anyone thats thinking about making them! And they truly were a great gift! I love it!!!

    Also Janelle, thanks for posting this, I know someone who's been anxiously waiting for this tutorial. She'll be so excited to see it!!

    And thanks for the photo cred!!!

  4. very cool! I love handmade gifts and what lady doesn't love a candle?! Great job!

    <3 Lindsey


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