Monday, January 16, 2012


As you probably know, every year around the holidays the queen of talk shows would have an episode titled 'Oprah's Favorite Things' which was basically an hour-long commercial for her sponsors. Every single member of the audience would lose it when she surprised everyone with 'It's Oprah's Favorite Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!' Their crazy was justified though, because everyone in the audience would win the items she featured. Everything from iPods to laptops to furniture to cars...

For the next three weeks, I've decided to have a Monday feature called 'Abby's Favorite Things!' Part One is about things you can buy. If you don't have a dog, you can skip all of the type & just look at some 'aww'-inducing photos of my girl. She is a cutie!


Try to grab him from me. I dare you...

The look of love?

The Dolphin made by Tuffie Toys was Abby's very first stuffie. She destroyed it within a matter of days/weeks. So while it's rated a 7 on the Tuff scale, Abby will chase and pull and shake this guy until he falls apart. Every single time. We are now on Willy #2 and we keep him as a special toy. He comes out about once a week for supervised play. Even then he has a big rip down the center of his belly which gives easy access to his insides. (Poor guy!) So although he may not be the toughest toy, he's definitely the favorite. Willy will trump any other toy anytime. Hands down.

Runners up: Starfish (Tuffie) & Ultimate Bone (Tuffie)


 My pup, like most, loves peanut butter. She can get hours of entertainment licking the remnants out of a peanut butter jar or some PB stuffed in her Kong toy. So when we were looking for a small-sized treat to be used with her clicker training, we found Zuke's. They have an authentic story of how they got started and are committed to using all-natural ingredients. Aside from all that, Abby flips for them. After trying the first one anytime we yelled TREAT she would come bounding through the apartment to snatch one up. She's obsessed! You can use these for dogs of all sizes, which is great if you have multiples!
Runner up: Fruitables Pumpkin Blueberry & Pumpkin Cranberry (They smell delicious!)


We are guilty of letting Abby sleep at the foot of our bed on occasion. We feel so guilty kicking her out. It's so hard to resist these eyes...

Come on, Abby. That's not even fair.

These days Abby is sleeping on this luxury dog bed by Bowser's in Whistler Grey. We got it half-price (!!!) after Christmas. The main selling point was that it's machine-washable and made of recycled pop bottles. Pretty cool, eh? As a bonus, it's a similar shade as our couch. Because, you know, everything in our living room matches. HA.

Runner up: Mom & Dad's bed

4. FRESHEST DOGGIE BAGS: World's Best PoopBags

We normally get the ones without handles. Personal preference.

How much can I really say about these. This item is really more about what's comfortable for me and not Abby. They're biodegradable (yay!), Canadian made (woo!), corn-based and smell like lavender. Oh, and they're cheap. Done and done. Phew!


I know I found it slightly overwhelming when I first became a dog-mom. There were a MILLION dog toys, treats & supplies to choose from. How was I supposed to know which items were worth the extra cash and which ones we were better off buying cheap? That's why I decided to write up about our favorite stuff hoping that this post may be useful to some of you. That said, some of Abby's favorite toys actually don't cost a penny. That's why Part Two next Monday will feature her favorite free toys. Come back & visit!

Note: This post was not sponsored or endorsed by the represented companies. All of the featured items have been purchased from our local pet store and enjoyed by Abby (& her parents).


  1. Cute! I defs skipped all the fave doggie things descriptions and just looked at all the lovely pics! haha

  2. I think Lilly May and her have similar tastes, although we can't have stuffies around unsupervised either...Jasper will steal them and rip them to shreds. Abby is such a pretty girl.

    Definitely want some of those bags, our poo bags are way less exciting. :)

    I can't wait to see what else she loves!



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