Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This has been a long time coming, but finally, here are Abby's favorite FREE things/toys. Not all of these can be classified as things (2 of these are variations of water) but just bear with me...

1. Best for Summer Fun: ICE-CUBES

Dogs generally love ice-cubes. I'm assuming every dog owner already knows about this, but if not you should definitely give it a try! They're great for pups to cool down on a hot day or after a long walk or play. We try to keep her calm when we give her one so she doesn't choke, but we will kick it around and have her chase it. It's just too cute. It leaves puddles on the floor if she gives up on one without eating all of it, but it's worth it. 

stalking her prey

the kill

covering her tracks

2. Best for Winter Fun:

Abby is a snow dog. I know this. Just today as I was walking her and she was rubbing her nose in the fresh powder, a man commented "She's a winter hound." It's obvious. She loves to burrow in it and pop up. (I need a video of this, but Halifax hasn't had much snow...) She loves to roll around in it and slide down hills nose first. She loves trying to find all of the smells buried deep under the packed snow. She just loves it.

I don't have a photo of her that captures the true essence of her in the snow, but the dog below (Submitted by LisaBakos) that was chosen for Woof of the Week is exactly what she looks like after a good burrow or sniff.

NOT ABBY - Photo from National Geographic (Submitted)

3. Best All Around for Year-Round Fun: STICKS

The only thing Abs loves more than snow, is sticks. I think it's probably one of her main food groups. Not even joking. We try and try and try not to let her eat them, because we know with absolute certainty that she can't digest them. But, it's hard to get at her all the time. All of her stick activities revolve around seizing it so she can lay down and chomp on it. See for yourself:

Oh, and don't mind the coughing she's doing in the video.... She had a piece stuck. 

Thanks for visiting the blog. I hope you enjoyed Part Two. I'll be around more in the coming week, I promise. We've got lots to catch up on. What have you all been up to? I've got a curry recipe, an outfit post and an easy craft idea before the week is up, so come back if you're curious!


  1. Ohhhh man, she is so cute playing in the snow. Jasper is with her on the ice cube and stick front, but Lilly May is more of a snow lover. Your gal is super adorable.


  2. Thanks Sarah. She's so photogenic that one. I hope your day today was much better than yesterday!


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