Tuesday, January 10, 2012

real mail (from Japan!)

*Computer is functional now thanks to my aunt Louise! I'm going to try to keep up the post volume to make up for lost time....

I know I'm not the only one who loves getting real mail. A letter, a postcard anything aside from polite yet impersonal letters demanding all your money... Ahem. Student Loans. Ahem. In an age of 2-second texting & emails, it's nice to know that a friend took the time to put together some treats & made a trip to the post office just to send them. It makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside. Plus, often times it even costs more to send the package than it does to buy/make the gifts. Anyone who sends a parcel like that must really think you're special!

So imagine my delight when I arrived home from Christmas vacation to see a parcel from my former university roommate from Japan sitting on my bed. Upon opening the box I may or may not have squealed like an 8 year old.

But look at how adorable everything is:

She sent me headphones (heart-shaped), some decorative tape things that roll on like whiteout (pies, hearts, flowers and snowflakes) & some pretty notecards with hearts (my favorite!). Just in case you couldn't tell... her favorite colour is pink!

All of this stuff reminds me of her and really makes me want to visit Japan. Lack of funds have me grounded at the moment. But as soon as I'm able to, I'll be on a jet plane to Osaka. We got along so, SO well as roommates but we find it hard to keep in touch with the time difference. Someday we'll see each other again, but for now our little email/parcel exchanges will keep us connected. I've got her Valentine's package almost all ready to go. Nanase, keep your eye out for a package in February!
FACT: everything is cuter in Japan. Even the salad dressings have cutesy mascots.


  1. What a sweet friend and fun gifts. Those tape rolls sound especially fun! What a treasure of a friend.


  2. Janelle------ <3 I am SO glad to read your blog and you like them :)!!
    You know enough that your best friend is PINK LOVER!!! haha
    It's same as before :D (maybe You remember I squealed "CUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!" when I found pink cupcake pajama at La Senza in Moncton!!)

    Anyway,I can't wait to see each other maybe soon :) :) <3
    and I'm very HAPPY to hear that I will get your package in February :)**



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