Monday, January 21, 2013

he[art]ed : Clare Elsaesser of Tastes Orangey

Asleep, original artwork by Clare Elsaesser

If I had to describe Clare Elsaesser's paintings in one word, I would say enchanting. When I saw Joanna's pin of Clare's work, I was pulled in by the way she captures intimate moments. It's almost like she's giving us a peek at something we wouldn't normally see - a shared kiss, a quick change of clothes or a sleepy, late-night spooning session. Her work exudes a voyeuristic quality without the feeling of violation, but more longing or admiration.

Sweet Dreams, original artwork by Clare Elsaesser

Undertow, original artwork by Clare Elsaesser

Isn't her use of colour beautiful? The blue-green tones in the last one seem to capture the light and reflections of the water so well. Meanwhile, the airy white background of Sweet Dreams mimics a deep, carefree sleep.

If you want to see more of Clare's artwork, please go visit her website, etsy shop Tastes Orangey or blog. It's only a matter of time before I snatch up one of her prints! I'd probably go with the last one thanks to my love of all things sea related.

What do you think of these pieces? Which one is your favorite?

xx Janelle

he[art]ed: every so often I'll share an artist or designer I admire FYI - I'm not an art critic and probably will repeat the same adjectives in every post, but I love art, find it inspiring & want to share it with you. Simple enough, right? If you like their work, please go show them some FB/link/comment love.


  1. So this might sound crazy (I have that kinda crazy humor) but when I first say the 'hearted' picture I though it said 'he farted'....yeah that caused me to spit water all over my screen and laugh out loud at work. ;-) I'm so childish.

    1. Hahaha. If you're childish, I am too! In my first post of this series I mentioned the similar word pairing. We're kindred spirits, I tell ya.


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