Friday, May 20, 2011

Casa Fridays: Reclaimed Wood Tables

Happy long weekend everyone! Hope you get to spend some time relaxing. So, it's not a secret that I'm into interior design and decor (HGTV is always on), but because I live in an apartment there are limits to what I can do. For example, I'm not going to go out and buy a new bed/dresser set because it's expensive and I don't want the hassle of selling it in a year for less than what it's worth. Makes sense, right?

Now I may not be able to buy big-ticket items, but a girl can dream. And dream I do. I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about how my future home will be, what style of furnishings I want, paint colors, backyard ideas... etc. etc. etc. A lot of this daydreaming will never amount to anything. Would I like an old claw-foot tub in a spacious bathroom with floor to ceiling windows? Um, yes. But will it ever happen? Ha.

But I bet you've guessed (by the title of this post) that the one thing I absolutely will have one day: a reclaimed wood dining table. Or at least one that looks like it was reclaimed. There's something about them that captures my full attention, all the knots, the dents, the imperfections. They remind me of a cottage or a camp table and they're just so comfortable looking. These tables look like someone enjoyed them before you did because, well, someone did (unless you DIY). Plus, you can feel good about reusing wood that otherwise would be rotting in a landfill somewhere... Reused, comfortable, pretty and you don't need to worry about every little nick, dent and scratch.

There are a few ways to go about getting one of these babies:
1. You can either buy the reclaimed wood and make your own. Most cities/towns have a place you can go to get wood that's in decent shape. Hardware stores would know where the closest one is...

2. Buy one, either in-store or hand-made. Check Kijiji for some authentic, handmade ones. They're generally less pricey than store-bought ones.

Photo credit: The Globe and Mail

3. Or you can take the ambitious route and buy wood, make it look reclaimed and make a table yourself. Young House Love has an easy-to-follow tutorial. On a side note, if you like home-related things check out their blog. It's about renovating/decorating their old bungalow project by project. Oh, and they're pretty hilarious.
Photo credit: John & Sherry of

 Here are some other ones I like:

Just an old door with glass on top. Genius!

I would put bright colored chairs with this one.

Love this pretty blue one.
I hope you're daydreaming now too... Thanks for reading!

xo Janelle


  1. I just garbage picked some fence piece from the neighbor & have so many fun ideas for them-one being a new table top! My MIL gave us a wrought iron table that's so pretty but there's a very dangerous piece of glass in it now that needs to go.

  2. Haha. No shame in garbage picking! I would love to see your future lattice-topped table. It sounds pretty.... Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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