Thursday, May 26, 2011

I dream of Bora Bora

Warning: This post is photo-heavy.

Do you have a specific place that you would visit in a heartbeat if it weren't for the job, money (or lack thereof), other commitments or kids? Yes, you know the place I'm talking about. The one your mind flashes to when someone says the word paradise. That place. Well here's mine:

The St. Regis in Bora Bora--which is in the French Polenisian Islands if you didn't know. (I looked it up.) If you've seen Couples' Retreat, it's the hotel they stay at. They have balconies right above the ocean and tubs that you can see the ocean through the clear bottom. And... cue my squeal of excitement.

These are the rooms:

See the website for rates & more eye candy. Clearly these bungalows are way, and I mean wayyy, out of reach for me now and probably in this lifetime, which is why I'm hoping to someday visit these cabanas in Tulum, Mexico.

The swinging daybed outside

The tub is built right into the patio!

How perfect is this tub? You already know I love natural wood.

Amaretto sours anyone?

They're like the next best thing.... with less silk pillows and the addition of mosquito nets. They're not luxurious but give more of a cottage experience. They're simple, comfortable, rustic but still romantic. Not to mention, the views are breath-taking and you're right, right on the beach. Literally a step away... And for a beach-obsessed girl like me, this place looks perfect.

Tell me what your idea of paradise looks like. I wanna know!

xo Janelle

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  1. Australia! And I'm headed there in 49 days! <3



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