Sunday, May 22, 2011

Me, Abby & Cucumber salad

Hello everyone,

Here's a little peek at what I had for supper tonight. Leftover panang chicken from Cha Baa Thai on Queen St (hot hot hot) & thrown-together cucumber salad to cut the heat a bit.

To make the salad just slice an English cucumber nice and thin & lay it on some paper towels (or Kleenex). Sprinkle some salt on top to help them dry out.

Spoon some plain yogurt in a bowl. Add pepper, coriander, cumin and just a bit of chili powder. Mix well & add cucumbers. Refrigerate for 30 minutes if you have time. Enjoy!


This is what we're up to tonight:

I had to retype the end of this post because as I was writing she was simultaneously trying to sit on my arm, type on the keyboard, chomp on my belt and lick my face. One of her keyboard attempts posted this before it was finished.

We're off for a walk to burn off some energy.

Good night,

xo Janelle & Abby


  1. I LOVE cucumber salad! My mom makes it all the time haha. Except will dill and salt seasoning.
    Also I want to meet Abby!! And see you of course.

  2. Your dog is absolutely adorable. Yum and that cucumber salad looks divine! Plain yogurt and cucumbers, I never would have thought.

  3. Thanks Haylee. It's too easy to even be considered a recipe! Haha.


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