Thursday, June 23, 2011

Casa Fridays: Accidental DIY

Let's talk about nightstands for a minute, k? Love them. I need something by my bed to put all my crap on. A very nice lady donated mine so we wouldn't have to buy one (Thanks MaryLou!). Back to nightstands... It's really easy for things to pile up on top of them, like books, a kleenex box, a lamp, a cup of water, last night's earrings etc. etc. And when things pile up, all it takes is one flailing arm to soak your sheets with that cup of water. Used to do that all. the. time.

My recent "problem" was that my picture frame kept toppling over. I would reach for a Kleenex.... smack. Set my glasses down... smack. So eventually, in my annoyance, I just stopped propping it up and this turned into my accidental DIY (do-it-yourself project). I guess I can't really call it a project because I didn't do anything. Anyway, it turns out that the frame I have makes a perfect little tray for my nightstand.

It usually makes a cozy home for my water & my cell phone. Have a looksie:

Minus the cell

Showing off my YFM mug.
On the back is a moustache so that when you drink it looks like you have one...

It makes a nice jewelery holder too.

This would look nice with most frames, I bet. I wouldn't use a frame with a wide border, it wouldn't really look like a tray. Either of these would work though:

From Sears
From Ikea
Another key to making this work is making sure that the flap on the back that holds the frame up either lies flat or can be removed. Otherwise you'd have a wobbly tray and no one likes a wobbly tray, am I right? If you have any frames lying around and your nightstand could use a little love, give it a try!

What I'd like to do someday is get a bigger frame and attach it to the top of the nightstand. This would not only cover any wear and tear on the top of the nightstand (see my photos above) but it would create a smooth surface that's a cinch to dust. And as you may already know, I'm not huge on dusting... or cleaning... or dishes. But instead I focus all of my domestic energy on cooking, baking, laundry and crafts. Much more fun, don't you think?

xo Janelle


  1. cute idea! My nightstand is always cluttered too, except now we don't even have one. We have a headboard with shelves... which in my opinion makes it even easier to spill that stupid cup of water... on your head.

  2. Hahaha. Have you ever flailed an arm in your sleep and woken up to a splash? Not. Fun.


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