Saturday, June 11, 2011

Casa Fridays: Duvet Covers

I hope you all had a great day today! I had a special day today but now I'm lying in bed with no pants on (shhh- I have a long top!) and I'm just about ready to catch some sleep. But I figured since I was cuddled up--alone--I would do a quick post on bedding.

One of my favorite things about moving to a new place, or upgrading to a bigger bed size is buying a new duvet cover. Yes, I had a twin bed up until I moved to Halifax 9 months ago... fine for one person, dangerous for two.

When I "inherited" a double bed in this apartment my parents decided to buy me a simple brown duvet cover they found for quite a steal ($20). It's a good, solid color and it held up fairly well until I noticed some fading on one side from the sun. So, I flipped it. And now it's probably fading this side.... The point is that eventually I will have to buy a new one and I've been thinking about what color/style to go with. 

Want to see some of my favorites?

I love the subtle grey tones in this organic cotton one by Amenity.

Aren't the cheery yellow tones in this one from Pottery Barn energizing? I think it would look beautiful in a room that gets a lot of sun in the morning.

If I had my own room I'd go for this luxurious, soft, feminine duvet cover in my favorite color from Anthropologie. The more I look at it though, those knobs are starting to look like the buns on Sumo wrestlers' heads. 
No? Oh my. What is wrong with me?

Although some people find white bedding too stuffy or "hospital-like", I disagree. Because white linens remind me of spas and hotels, I find white bedding to be very relaxing and inviting. To keep the cover from looking boring, I look for some sort of visual interest whether it's a ruffle on the hem, a waffle-weave texture (for a casual, cabin vibe) or a light strip like the Bed Bath & Beyond one in the pic.

You're going to think I'm completely obsessed with bedding after this next confession, but I'll tell you anyway. The bedding from the set of PS I Love You is awesome. It's a brown duvet cover with an almost-celtic design in white or vice versa. It's very cute, you should look for it the next time you're watching it.

As you can tell from my pics, I like a little bit of everything, but I'm not crazy on a ton of print and color on the same blanket.  

What are your favorite bedding styles? Bright colors or darks? Prints or solids? 


xo Janelle


  1. Having trying to comment but its not working :(
    Maybe this one will. I like the first one though, the white with gray leafy design!

  2. Thanks for the comment on the plates lol. They are from walmart (wooo cheap!!) haha. It was a set of 4 small, 4 large plates and 4 bowls! I don't remember how much they were, but it wasn't pricey (or I wouldn't have bought them).
    I think I'll defs stick to reducing sugar, but not cutting it out completely. Although alex and I did have ice cream on the weekend and neither of us felt well after.. sugar shock? ha
    And as far as the bread thing goes, we found one at the grocery store that is pretty good, its called stonemill bakehouse and SOME of their varieties don't have any sugar. We tried one from the farmers market but it really wasn't that good. But I mean thats one loaf out of god knows how many so we might try to other ones next time.


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