Thursday, June 2, 2011

My (almost) sugar-free day

So, in a spur of the moment decision I decided to join Alex's 10-Day Sugar Free Challenge. Now, this poses a slight problem because I already did groceries for the week before deciding to join. This means that a lot, even most, of the food I have here has at least some sugar in it. That said I did a pretty good job working with what I had. Don't worry I won't be posting my meals everyday because A) it would bore you to tears and B) I really don't keep track of quantities and such. So here goes my meals for today, just because.

- 2 Fiber + Eggos with peanut butter (the Eggos had 2g of sugar for 2 or something like that)
- Applesauce

- Goldfish crackers (almost the whole bag, whoops!)

- Hummus & a handful of Triscuits
- 3 slices of turkey breast (the kind we bought had 2g glucose solids, but I needed meat desperately.)
- Salad mix & some leftover cous cous
- A Banana

- More Goldfish (Seriously, I can't control myself...)

Supper: (Thanks Darryl!)
- Chicken, peppers, tomatoes & goat/cow cheese mix in a whole wheat wrap.
*Love wraps and Triscuits because they're sugar free!

- I'll probably have some frozen corn or edamame with salt before bed. Yummm.

I also had 2 cups of coffee with milk & lots of water.

So there's my update on my 1st day of sugar-free! I think I did alright... I just need to stock up on some nuts & tuna to keep me feeling satisfied between meals. I'm also going to be ending the challenge next Friday on D's birthday when we go out for supper! It's nice to have something to look forward to... and what a great way to celebrate. I'm going to make him a special cake and I might even sneak some healthy stuff into it, wink wink.

xo Janelle

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