Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nine Kitchen Goodies for Under $10

I have shopping fever. Badly. But instead of actually spending money today, I decided to put together a fun mish-mash of kitchen things that are all under $10 for this Casa Friday post. So, let's do a little bit of browsing this morning, shall we?

Buy a "Six Pack" for $7.

Now I'm not a beer drinker, but at parties I've had to throw away nearly full bottles of beer. These dishwasher-safe Beer Savers promise to keep your beer from going flat. No more wasted beer! But really though, if your bottle has some beer left in it, you're not doing it right...

Now you can carry your treats to my house.

I had to double-check the price when I saw this cake/pie carrier for only $7.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. These usually go for around $20-$30, so this one is a steal. I like it because it's entirely plastic, so it's durable and hard to break if it gets dropped. The pedestal is also removable, just in case you don't need the extra height.

They come in a set of 2.

If you know me at all, you probably know I'm obsessed with hearts. So much, that I'm planning a post entirely focused on heart-shaped things. Feel free to skip that one if you are annoyed by the word "cute" and/or hate rainbows and sunshine and prefer to live a dull, boring life. Jokes! So, check out these darling little ice-cube trays. I would LOVE for someone to go to Ikea and pick these up for me because we don't have one around here and this item doesn't ship. Boo. The black one is for water bottles and the red one is for fun. And for $1.99? That's pocket change for something that'll brighten up your day every time you take a sip of your drink.

Ikea, $6.99

Also from Ikea is this charming saucepan. It looks like something my grandmother would have had in the 70s. Can't you picture yourself in a floral apron making Alfredo sauce in this colorful pot? Maybe that's just me.

From the Kitchen Outlet, $5 each

For anyone who has a hard time pouring without getting drips down the side of the pot (like me for example), these spouts help direct the mixture into the bowl. At first I questioned whether these would actually work and wondered how the liquid doesn't go in between the pot and the spout but, I trust them because they were featured on Real Simple which is one of my favorite magazines. They also come in primary colors!

The yellow & white combination is my favorite.

Everyone needs a few fun plates. I'm big on having white dishes because I like how food looks on them, but fun plates like these ones from Pier One Imports bring a little whimsy to the table. They also come in green or red and at $5 you can get a matching or mismatching set for $20. Cheep for cheap! Ha.

Layer up the pops for a throwback to the rocket ones.

I've been meaning to buy some Popsicle molds for this summer but didn't get around to it. This set of 6 sandcastle molds comes from Cucina Moderna in Halifax (yay, local). They also come in sailboat and rocket shapes. Did you ever make homemade Popsicles growing up? We've never layered them but we really used to love yogurt pops. Yummm. I might even go get these today since Cucina Moderna is just a couple blocks away.... Hmm.

Sleek and functional

I love the look of this strainer and all you have to do is hold it against the pot and pour. This beats the hell out of trying to do it with the lid. I always lose a few noodles when I do it that way. It also comes from Ikea for $4.99.

Pier One for $6.99

The first time I saw these tumblers at HomeSense I didn't see the point. Why not just use a waterbottle? Then I moved to the city and saw how useful tumblers actually are. When you're rushing to work or walking around on a nice day you don't want to juggle your bags to take a cap off of a bottle. Plus, these tumblers are super-easy to hand-wash and they don't "sweat", because they're double walled. So your hand stays comfortable even if you have an iced smoothie in your cup. Check out those fun summer colors too! Oh, and they promise to be leak-proof so you don't need to worry about spilling on your cute sundress or white shorts. Don't forget to check to make sure they're BPA free.

Well that wraps up my 9 kitchen goodies under $10. I hope you enjoyed this different feature. I love finding things that are cheap, useful and stylish so check back next Friday for another one. And don't forget to stop in on Monday for a weekend recap and Tuesday for a bean salad recipe if you're interested. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

xo Janelle


  1. Really good stuff there Janelle. I am enjoying catching up on your blog. You could be the next Martha Stewart - mais canadienne. I can't log in to my Google account for some stupid reason, so know that this is from ma tante Joanne, and not Anonymous like it says. Abrazos!

  2. I have to add - we would never need a Beer Saver in our household!

  3. Thanks Matante! My friends in high school used to call me Martha sometimes... Haha.


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