Friday, July 29, 2011

Casa Friday: Wood You Try This?

If you read my reclaimed wood table post, then you know I go crazy for projects that use old, beat-up wood. Well, clearly I am not the only one. Many people have made it their mission to find a new use for pallet wood, which is treated or sometimes untreated wood used to make a flatbed for shipping large items.

By searching pallet on Pinterest (a site to help keep track of stuff that you love on the www), 4611 projects, crafts and homey things came up. There's everything from plate racks to planters to coffee tables... I'm  amazed by the things you can do with a recycled pallet.

Today I have 3 beautiful projects from the blogosphere that I want to share. All of them are--or can be--made with pallet wood or any other good-quality natural wood. No veneered wood. Ick. So check these out:

From PB&J Stories

Pamela of PB&J Stories
tried to make this out of pallet wood first. She ended up using some new wood instead, but look how well it turned out! It's beautiful. I like that the low headboard is very subtle and understated, even though I would prefer to extend it higher for a dramatic effect. And the deep stain she put on it is delicious. Metaphorically, of course. She also has an easy-to-follow tutorial, so follow the link above if you want to check it out and for cute pictures of her little helper.

From Under the Sycamore

Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore
shared how she made this cozy little daybed for the nursery. Don't you just wanna cuddle up here with a good book & a tea or even better a snuggly man-friend? I like how she made a makeshift headboard with an old door and a cluster of frames above. And I may or may not be crushing on the collection of poufs & paper lanterns on the ceiling. If only I had a place to put them... Hmm.

From Bower Power

And finally Katie from Bower Power (with some handy-man help from her hubs) put up this intricate wood accent wall made with pallet wood. Same idea as the headboard above but on a larger scale. I absolutely adore this wall! I think I actually let out a yelp when I saw it. How perfect is it for a woodsy themed nursery? I also think it would look cool in a cozy family room or a large bathroom with a cottage feel. The mis-matched colors were intentionally spread out to make it look balanced. You can see a detailed step-by-step here.

As you can probably tell, I tend to lean toward recycled or up-cycled DIY projects. I'm hoping to bring more of this to my blog by trying to focus on projects that use things I would otherwise throw away. It's becoming more important to me as I get older to be mindful of how much I waste. I'm really starting to make an effort to recycle and to limit my spending on "stuff". I'm turning more toward thrifting, too. What about you guys? What do you think of these projects? Would you try these at home?

I'll be back on Sunday or Monday with a Steppin' Out Saturday post with my traveling outfit. I'm going home to New Brunswick for the weekend for a family reunion thingie. Hope you all have a great weekend!

xo Janelle

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