Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Recap: The one with Weenieman, adult bibs & dog treats

Me + the new "firetruck"

Thanks for the blog visit! As promised, I'm going to recap my super exciting--for me, anyway--weekend! I hope yours was wonderful too. **This post is pretty photo heavy, FYI.

My parents arrived Friday night from NB. They got in around 10, so we got some groceries (thanks guys!), made some croissant-wrapped gouda & went to bed. We had already decided on going to Halifax's Seaport Market the next day, so we hopped in the truck and off we went. We brought along my uncle Bruce and walked around for hours. I have to tell you, I have a tumultuous relationship with the market. I love going there and sampling treats (who doesn't though, really?) but I can't help but feel tempted to spend money. And spend we did!
Some AMAZING industrial art. Forgot to check artist name.
First, we stopped at Red's Bakery and had some samples. I tried their bread pudding and it was super-good, not too sweet but still doughy and sticky. Dad tried the carrot cookie sandwich and loved it too. I'll definitely be buying some goods from this sweet lady soon. 
a very Easter-like display
 I tried some of this homemade maple salad dressing and had to get Dad to try it. This is his reaction when he was caught licking his sample cup. Classic Dad face.... guilty.

Here mom & I tried some Tofu dips by Acadiana Soy Products. I liked the curry dip & green onion dill dip. I think it would be really good with fish. Mom liked the cheeze spread, but I was a little weirded out by the spelling and the fact that it was not real cheese.

At this point we were starving and the samples just weren't cutting it, so Mom and I grabbed some samosas from Amin's Indian Food stall. It was her first time having one and I think she was surprised that they weren't spicy. They were tasty, but they were not as good as the ones at the Sackville, NB Bridge street market by a long shot.

 And now, for the reason some of you clicked on the post, introducingggggggg Weenieman! Get it? You roast weenies on his... you know. Naughty? Yes. Tacky? Yes. But, fun? I think so! Dad used to make similar things at work with nuts and bolts when he used to be a welder, so I ended up getting this for them as a trailer-warming gift which I'm sure they'll use.

And here's my uncle Bruce modelling the bib/apron he bought for Nanny. The perfect gift for a cat lady who loves to cook!

hand-crafted wine bottle holder

the man with the magic hands
I ran into Dad chatting it up with this guy who runs Scotian Ironworks , not to be confused with Ironworks Distillery who make mouth-watering liquors. He does all hand-made iron sculptures, hangers, railings, candleholders etc. etc. I can't believe that he does every intricate detail by hand. The pictures really don't do the wine bottle holder justice. It's stunning in person!

All in all, we had a great time. We tried some food, saw some pretty things and lost eachother in a sea of people. Here's what we ended up coming home with. I bought Abby some treaties from Katie's Farm. Abby liked the taste, but I think she found them a bit too crunchy because she really had to chomp on them. I also bought some organic soap from Oasa Mae to replace the Softsoap grapefruit body wash that I don't really like. The bar smells really light & fresh and not "goat's milk" or patchouli-ish at all and it lathers up really soft. I love it already! Mom & Dad bought some Jost wine that isn't available in NB and we also bought some buns from Aziz Best Baker. The buns were so fresh and worked perfectly for our pulled pork sandwiches. Check back tomorrow for my slow-cooker pulled pork recipe!
My little Sheppard after a wet walk.

 Thanks for reading! Gotta go because the fire alarm is going off for some reason. Probably some idiot burning toast.

xo Janelle

My mom was in some cute photos but she didn't want her pictures "on the internet", so I obliged! That's why she's missing from the photos here. Love you mom!

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