Sunday, November 6, 2011

42B & friends

Want to meet 2 of the sweetest, most genuine, and downright 'funnest' girls I know?

No? Scroll down a couple posts for some juicy meatball photos.
Yes? Look below for a shot of me & my bff at 18. 5 years ago.

This is Val.

val & i, 2007 (!!)
Val & I were initially matched as roommates for freshman year. However, I had already agreed to room with a girl from my high school whom I know call Sono. Val had called my house to get to know me a bit, so I had to return her call and break the news. I awkwardly mumbled something about forms being mixed up and that was that. Fast forward a few months to Fall semester... Val & I met and were pretty much instant friends. We lived next to each other in residence the following year and together in 'the brothel' (aka. 42B King St.) for 2 years after that. We have a very similar sense of humour & love a lot of the same things. We laugh, dance, eat and vent together. Basically, we're besties.

And this is Sarah.

sarah & I, 2008

Sarah was one of our RAs in first year. I remember her as being the Queen of sweat pants and the cool RA who everyone respected. But I didn't know a lot about her. When we were moving off campus in 3rd year (junior yr), Sarah was looking to move off-campus as well. We needed an extra roommate to get the place we wanted and she seemed relaxed and fun. Done. It turns out that this lady is legit. She keeps a running list of all the books she reads. She makes terribly inappropriate jokes. She's also smart, self-less, smokin' hot AND she's been through some hard shit and came out on top. Basically, she's awesome.

Are you following?

So, we all moved in together in 2008: Sarah, Val, Me & Sono and a boy named Nolan. It was one of the craziest, busiest, most hilariously unpredictable years of my life. I just can't help but think that if we all moved back in together, it would be the exact same.

We would have study                     break dance parties.
We'd keep a large quote board and take it down when parents came to visit. 
There would always be something delicious in the kitchen. And fruitflies.
We would steal and subsequently light a pumpkin on fire.
We'd watch ANTM for 3 hours on Cosmo.
We'd sit on the freezer and have chats.
etc. etc. etc.

please don't kill me for this photo val.

S, SE, me, N

This coming weekend I get to see these two ladies! I'm flying to Toronto, staying with Val for the weekend and Sarah is coming up on Saturday. I'm not really excited yet because I do still have 4 days of work ahead of me, but I am seriously looking forward to seeing them again. I haven't seen Val since August and Sarah since she graduated in 2009 and moved to Australia (whaaa?). This visit is so long overdue. It's going to be a weekend full of shopping, laughs, dancing & a little bit of booze. I'm ready and maybe a little excited...


  1. I'll forgive you for the picture, which now the whole world can see haha.
    I'm so excited (well after all my work, just like you said)!!!!!
    Can't wait!!!!

  2. Oh wow! How awesome will it be to catch up! Are you the teensiest bit nervous too?


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