Thursday, November 3, 2011

painted pumpkin craft

Guess what I did tonight?

Painted a pumpkin! I've never done this before... I've always been a jack-o-lantern kind of girl. I remember seeing a picture of me helping 'carve' one with my parents when I was about 2 years old. They plopped me right inside the hollowed pumpkin for a photo. So, I guess you can say I have years of experience.... Haha.
In university I carved everything from Lion King to Gaga.

2008 (D & my first pumpkin together..... awwwwwww, yuck. cuteness.)


Yhis year's pumpkin was quite a change. It's after Halloween, so it didn't really feel right to carve, so we went with a fall scene with our girl dog Abby playing in the leaves. On our walk today we were talking about how fun it would be if we could rake up some piles and let her play in them, so I guess this was inspired by that. I also didn't have red or brown paint, but I think I made it work. Abs is looking a bit gray. See for yourself:
ignore the pen marks. ugh.

I love it. It is definitely not perfect in any way, but me and D made it together. He's not really into crafts so when he seems excited & uses the word 'cute' a few times... it's awesome. He also called me a "crazy craft lady" which reminded me too much of a crazy cat lady. Clearly, we had fun. 

How was your night? Did you ever paint a pumpkin?


  1. That Lion King pumpkin is amazing! In fact, all of your pumpkins are really cool! You are so creative!

  2. such cute pumpkins!

  3. This is so cute and the lion king one is AMAZING!

  4. i have never painted a pumpkin, but then again i am not even half as artistic as you are. i love your previous pumpkins, SO adorable. and your painted one is gorgeous :)


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