Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Toronto Eats.

One of my favorite parts about visiting a new (or old) place is eating out & trying a new dish. So in the spirit of my passion for food eating and in case any of you are heading to Toronto, I figured I'd give you a little peek at where and what we ate. 

We went out on a limb with this place, picking the first one listed under Thai in the Where magazine we picked up. As I mentioned, we had a great time here! Good, reasonably priced food and excellent, attentive service. I'm glad we arrived when we did because the place filled up fast. We ended up spending more than we intended to, but it was definitely well worth it. It was the booze that jacked up the bill, not the food. Check it out!

 My drink, the monsoon.

Spring rolls!

Lamb curry with potatoes and coconut rice. Val's mango salad is hanging out in the back there.

Our free dessert. Deep fried bananas!

My first time here. Well-priced, but the place was crazy busy when we went, so the servers seemed a bit confused as to what was going on... They brought me the wrong thing, but said the right thing when placing it in front of me, so I started eating it. Then I realized it wasn't the right thing... and out came my actual meal. Haha. Woops. I chowed down on someone else's pasta. Food was good though!

Meal # 1 "Pasta Primavera"

Meal #2 Actual Pasta Primavera

This place was also crazy-busy. I'm starting to get the impression that most places (or at least the good ones) in Toronto always are. We only waited about 15 mins for a table and our server was prompt, but not intrusive at all. And the food was delish. L & I both had the 'Oy Vegg', potato latkes, eggs and tomato served with fruit. It was a smaller breakfast than I usually order, but filled me up surprisingly well.

The food here was delish. It's a relatively small place with waitstaff who are dressed to the nines in their suits. We went with the buffet so we could try everything and let me tell you everything was super flavorful. Ugh.... take me back, please!

We also drank a ton of coffee this weekend. I dabbled in Starbucks, with some recommendations from our former-barista extraordinaire, Sarah. But my favorite coffee we had was from this little place. And so I leave you with the cutest coffee cup ever.

I'm such a sucker for fresh, interesting packaging! The logo is genius, representing their juice bar & extensive coffee selection. All around pretty.

Thanks for visiting! And for putting up with my gratuitous photos of my trip. Back to normal posting soon!


  1. Lovely post with lots of delish eats!!!

    I need to put up my pics soon. It will come on the weekend I promise!! I'll put a nice breakdown of the booze and food costs at golden thai haha

    Miss you already. Come back.

  2. Yum! Looks like you had a delicious weekend, that drink looks awesome!

  3. Wow, looks uber delicious!

    xoxo, Nali


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