Wednesday, March 7, 2012

garlic fingers with fake fromage

**There is milk in naan. You could always sub a milk-free flatbread or pizza crust instead.

I suck at not eating lactose. Not drinking lactose is easy. There are so many milk-alternatives available for roughly the same price as milk. They even make lactose-free milk. Same taste, but none of the bad stuff. So not drinking milk is definitely doable. But cheese, now that's a different story.

I tried a cheese alternative once and just could not swallow it. It smelled bad, had a weird texture and was Italian flavor. Blehhh. So I just kept eating cheese and experiencing very unpleasant side-effects, none of which need to mentioned on this little blog here.

My highly-allergy plagued friend L told me about Daiya when we were discussing our various stomach issues over lunch one day at the Wooden Monkey. Don't we sound like a good time?

It's basically a tapioca-arrowroot product that melts like cheese and does not taste disgusting, it actually tastes good. It doesn't have a true cheesy flavour or texture per se, but I have found it to be a great substitute! It only comes shredded, but that hasn't stopped me from eating it by the handful at times... I use it on nachos, burritos, pizza, chili, lasagna and all of those other things that taste incomplete without cheese. I've bought both the mozzarella & cheddar style before and they both work well. I used to buy it from Pete's Frootique but they now carry it at Sobey's, where we do groceries every week, for $3 cheaper!

Lately, my big indulgence has been garlic fingers. I take a piece of naan bread, spread it with garlic butter, sprinkle real bacon bits on top, cover with Daiya & bake at 400F for about 10 minutes. The best non-cheesy garlic finger you'll ever taste. So all this to say, if you are lactose-intolerant or allergic to milk... you need to try Daiya. It will help you resist actual cheese. Most of the time...
Do any of you have allergies/intolerances? Do you find that having a good substitute helps you resist temptation? I think substitution is key, even for people who are dieting. Quitting cold turkey, just does not work for some people. Myself included!

FYI: I am lactose intolerant but will eat some packaged foods with milk in them, like bread or chocolate (sometimes). Anything milk-based though is out of the question. No milk, yogurt, ice-cream, alfredo sauce etc.  

Me & cheese are fighting it out. I can't quit.


  1. Hey cutie, I, for one, am allergic to nuts but i can't cheat or I would land in ER ha ha my allergy to nuts (food and human nuts too LOL) only started 17 years ago and i do remember the taste of peanut butter, etc. when i make recipes, i substitute nuts with crushed banana chips... it gives recipes some crunchiness and almost makes people believe they are eating nuts LOL

    keep up the blog work, i love reading your posts!


    your cousine Annie :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Annie! Banana chips sound yummy. I sometimes use crushed cereal on top of baked goods for crunch too.

  2. My boyfriend is lactose intolerant too, but he eats cheese all the time! He has pizza like every other day (typical male LOL.) He actually takes a supplement beforehand that helps to ease his stomach post-meal, maybe that might help for when you can't avoid the lactose?

    PS Naan is like the best thing ever, I had not thought to smother it in garlic butter and cheese - oh lord does that sound delish!

    1. Julie, I try the supplement sometimes but I can't really tell if it's working most of the time. Haha.

  3. I was vegan for a while, and tried several fake cheeses, but never this brand. I gave up because i LOVE cheese and couldn't survive on the fake stuff! :)


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