Thursday, March 15, 2012

japan, period.

What i tried to make:

via Rap-Up

A tank top with a large red circle on it, representing the Japanese flag.
Like the ones above designed by Solange Knowles' son Daniel.

What I actually made:

A tank that looks like the Kotex logo. 
 Craft FAIL. 
 It turns out that jersey fabric is a little tricky to cut, meaning that although I started with a bigger circle, it kept getting smaller and smaller as I tried to cut it evenly. The good thing that came out of this oopsie, is that I found a better way to cut jersey. I lay it on top of a piece of medium weight cardboard and cut through the fabric and cardboard at the same time. This helps to make a straight cut. Lesson learned.
Off the the clothing donation box it goes!
PS: This is my very first craft fail post. Although I don't see a real place on my blog for regular posts on botched crafts, this one was too funny not to share. If you'd like to see more craft fails, let me know!


  1. haha! That's funny! Hey we wouldn't get anywhere if we didn't attempt things and fail! :-) All a learn as you go process!

  2. The ooopses just help us to figure out how to do it even more awesomely! :)

  3. Hahah Kotex logo. You are too funny! Good idea though. Hopefully the next attempt works out!

  4. bah ah ah laughing like crazy at the kotex logo!!! nice try! if it makes you feel any better, i thought the 2 at the top look liked that too LOL enjoy the weekend :)


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