Saturday, March 31, 2012

summer wish list 2012

Why is it that every Spring, I am convinced that I have no summer clothes? Where do all of these summer clothes go over the winter? I'm fairly certain it's my mind's way in rationalizing my need desire for new clothes. Or just an excuse to go shopping. Either way, here's what I'm lusting after for this summer.

Summer Wish List 2012

1. A navy maxi skirt

I've always been intrigued by the maxi skirt trend, but I never thought I could pull it off. I am a short-average height and always thought they would make me look stumpy. This is aside from the fact that I never knew how to style one without looking like a hobo. Enter Pinterest.

5 inch and up via pinterest
morgan and lua via Pinterest
cheyenne meets chanel via Pinterest

After searching for a while and being unable to find what I was looking for I bought this tea-length navy skirt from Old Navy last weekend. 

It hits me mid calf & has the perfect amount of swing. I plan on pairing it with a tight white lace tank or a colorful silk tank. I actually like that it's a bit shorter, showing a little leg! If I can find a colorful maxi for cheap before the summer rolls around, I may have to get that too, but for now I'll consider this item checked off the list!

2. A light-weight blouse

I also bought one of these last weekend. Specifically, this one from Smart Set.

It's actuallly a burnt orange colour, not red as it looks here. I love these blouses because they are beyond comfortable, keep me cool in warmer weather and can have a dressier look when paired with a good necklace and accessories. This one also has some ruched detailing in the back which makes it drape in a flattering way.

3. Bright coloured wedges

I want ones exactly like these, which Megan from Honey We're Home found at Target for $30. What a great find! I would also take them in yellow, peach or even green. So cute!

4. White lace dress

I finally found one I liked that was in my price range, actually way below it. I scooped up a lined white lace tank dress from Stitches last weekend for $13. I'll be sure to post a photo as soon as my camera is charged up again!

5. High-waisted bathing suit

I know you're probably thinking ugly, high leg cut, aerobics, 70's style but trust me! I'm actually pretty excited to try out this trend. My rule for keeping the look modern is make sure to show your belly button. Otherwise, you end up looking like you don't have one.

I can't find a picture of the exact shape of high-waisted hipster bottoms I'm looking for but these are close. They're pretty much the perfect shape for me.

via Asos
 For my body shape having the lower cut leg is the most flattering and I actually really like the ruching. I'm undecided on the red ones, but I think they could have potential paired with a white, string halter top. As for the blue patterned ones, I love them! I'd pair them with a white or navy wide halter top. I'm on the look out...

A few minutes later I found these ones from Forever21 for only $10, but they're sold out. These are exactly what I want!

6. A few chiffon/silk tanks

Basics, but dialed up a notch. I'm hoping for mint green, white and berry.

What's on your summer wish list? Will you be trying out any new trends? Leave me some comment love :)


  1. i'm glad to see long skirts come back into the spotlight. very classy.

  2. Great list Janelle

  3. i've invested in a few maxi dresses... they're so comfy and hide my legs.. and they're so easy... you throw that baby on ... a nice necklace/earrings/or bracelet and you look dressed up/funky in a jiffy.. i have to say i chuckled at the long skirt having a flash back to the "no-no" of wearing a "prairie" skirt at NSC.. you'll rock the maxi skirt!! DO IT!


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