Tuesday, March 13, 2012

snowed out

The reason for the silence around here over the weekend is that I went home to visit my parents in New Brunswick! I took 3 (!!) vacation days so that D and I could drive up with Abby-dog on Thursday. We had to rent a vehicle which made it costly, but it was worth it because it meant a lot to my Mom. Plus, I got to see my Dad & brother on their shared birthday!

On Friday my Mom, Dad, D and I took Abs for what we thought would be a leisurely walk. And it was while we were on the groomed trail, but as it turned out that the snow off the trail was super-soft from recent warm temperatures. All of a sudden our "leisurely walk turned into over two hours of an intense physical workout including snow up to our crotches. Cool.

These photos don't really show the intensity of it all. This was before we decided to cut through the woods and a big open field that was being blasted with icy wind off of the bay. I'm not complaining though (trust me I did plenty of that during the adventure), because D & I agree it was probably the best part of the weekend. It was more exercise than I usually get, it was fun and Abby got some quality off-leash time.

Northern NB is known for having some of the best snowmobile trails in Canada. My parents don't have a snowmobile, but they sure do take advantage of the trails on foot.

sweatpants over jeans. all bundled up.

so thrilled.

dad & the only pic you'll see of mom. she doesn't like her photo on the internets.

see? crotch-level.

grandad & grandog bonding.

D trying to make me into a snow-woman
Did you have any outdoor adventures lately? Tell me about them.


  1. That looks absolutely crazy, but also like so much fun! :) Way different than our 70F+ degree temperatures this week.

    Annnnnd Abby is such a dang cutie.


  2. Cute Janelle.. Nice to see we are not the only ones with alot of snow :)


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