Saturday, March 3, 2012

noah's ark

I've suddenly decided that my handmade felt animals will collectively be called Noah's Ark, which makes sense to me because they're being made two at a time. I just can't make one felt animal at a time. I have this really weird idea that if I just make one, that they will be lonely and sad. So, there's that.

As a side note, I have always loved the name Noah and am tucking it away for future human animals.

I started seeing felt animals everywhere online & I had some felt leftover from another project so I decided to give my hand-sewing some practice. After I made my first set of owls I started dreaming of other animals to create.

So far I've made a pair of owls (aside from these ones), lions and elephants. To give them a bit more of a purpose, I hot-glued a piece of magnetic sheeting to the back of each one. Instant adorable fridge magnets! They are only decorative though. The magnetic sheeting I had was not very strong. 
The owls I've mailed to a friend and I'm still waiting for her to get them, so I'll just give you a little peek. Here's the 'boy owl'.

The elephants I decided to give to my roommate B, so that he could gift them to his girlfriend C for Valentine's day. The felties spawned a whole elephant themed gift that was pretty romantic for a guy who claims he is not. They looked a little plain on their own, so to make them look more like the couple themselves, the 'boy elephant' got a pair of glasses.

 I wish the tusks were higher up, but I had to make them match after one had low tusk syndrome...

And finally, the most recent pair of animals, the lions. I realize that they kind of look like suns. You should have seen them without the faces! But I think their resemblance to the sun makes them look more cheery. I haven't magnetized these ones yet, so I may end up using them for something else.

So there's my version of Noah's ark. Next up on my list? I think I'm going to make a pack (herd?) of cats. I know someone who might like some...

I hope you're all having a fun, relaxing weekend!


  1. Very cool. I have only made a few myself, but they are so much fun and a nice quick little project to get out some craftiness. :)

  2. janelle, these are ADORABLE. as a budding cat lady myself, can't wait to see what the pack/herd of cats look like :)

  3. Thank you both for your comments! I have some free time tonight so I may get started on them sooner than I thought.


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