Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday List

This picture always makes me smile. I'm hamming it up for mom while trying to get out of the pouring rain. And I just look HAPPY :)

Well folks, we made it to the weekend. I luckily had a short week thanks to my day-off on Monday. Here's a few things currently making me smile:

- These delicious garlic fingers I just devoured on my lunch break.

- I get to leave work an hour early today. That means that I'll have less than 3 hours of work left once I return!

- Excitement for a lovely St. Patrick's Day potluck party tomorrow night at a friend's place. I have to bring green food, wear green and drink green drinks. Any food suggestions? I was thinking meatballs with homemade green ketchup or a nacho dip with avocado & green peppers.

- Thinking about how close spring is... We've been getting some days as high as 10-13C. This is making me want to spend more time outside, taking the dog for longer walks and more importantly, get started on spring clothes shopping! Keep your eyes on the blog for a Spring Wish List sometime in the next couple of weeks.

- Date night with the boy. We're taking in a Rainmen NBL Playoff game tonight. It's the last game of a best of three series, so it should be pretty action-packed. I wanna see some dunks! D & I are pretty dedicated Rainmen fans; it makes me feel good to support a local professional sports team. Particularly now that they've created Canada's first professional basketball league.

That's all I've got for now. My lunch break is coming to a close, so off I go. I hope all of you have a fun weekend! Do you have any plans? Are you celebrating St. Paddy's day?

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  1. My plans? Off to Costa Rica next Wednesday! That's number one on my happy list. Ma tante Joanne

    1. I had no idea it was so soon. I hope you have an amazing time! Buen viaje, Tia! XO

  2. mmmmm garlic fingers! sounds like an awesome week!


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